Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everything you wanted to know about your homework...

Students, from now on, you'll be able to find your homework and project assignments online. I hope this will make it easier to keep track of what we're doing in class.

  • Compare/Contrast Essay due Tuesday. Feel free to type, but not necessary.
    I was going to make this due tomorrow, however, it's clear from grading your first essay (Antigone's choice vs. Ismene's) that some of you have not read. I think you should use this long weekend wisely.
  • Anyone who'd like to get an early start on Hamlet, I have the books. Annotations will be graded in the same manner as Sophocles.
  • This is our blog. I'll be updating daily from now on. Feel free to comment.

Homework Due Friday 8/29

  • Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antononyms, Choosing the Right Word
  • Compare/Contrast paper due Monday
  • Read Nonfiction Article "Oedipus Bronx"

1 comment:

ChanRedmond said...

Ok. Ms. Miller. Wut if I made a thesis out of this . . .
I. Oedipus made decisions because he wanted 2 keep order & Creon made decisions for personal & unjust reasons.
A) Oedipus wanted to find Laios's killer & made the law (consequences) for who ever killed Laios or knew who killed Laios.
B) Creon didn't want Polyneices's body covered because Creon thought he wasn't loyal.
C) Creon wanted 2 kill Antigone because she went against the law & he thought that was unloyal.
(& I have to find another example for Oedipus)
This seems like a weak thesis to me, but do you think?