Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hamlet--let the madness begin

Act 1 discussion all week.
Acts 2 & 3 read and annotated by Tuesday, September 16th.

In other news: Vocabulary and grammar quiz on Wednesday, September 17th
Unit 3 and Verbals (including essential and nonessential phrases)

Extra Credit: Respond using comment option

How will pretending to be insane help him in his quest for revenge?

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Dominique Ivory said...

By pretending to be insane, it allows Hamlet to move around with greater ease in the story. He can show up in places where he should'nt be or usualy doesnt go, and because pople think he is insane they wont pay any attention to him. So because of this he can get close to Claudius and kill him and because he is insane.