Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Oral Presentation--Period 2

With a partner, you will research one topic. The topics are all historical information that is helpful when reading Cyrano De Bergerac. The following are our goals, and the standards by which you'll be graded:
  • Use the links given as a starting point to find at least 2 valid websites.
  • Understand the information so that you can give a relax and confident presentation.
  • Use Standard English and presentation speech when presenting--leave out all "um, then, like, I think, then we found out" etc.
  • Create a PROPERLY formatted MLA bibliography.
  • Include 3 visuals. Use Power Point to create slides. Do NOT put more than a heading and a bit of information on your slides. Slides are meant to be used at prompts. Reading off a slide will loose points.

A note about WIKIPEDIA: What is wikipedia useful for? Many things, however, as the main source for a research project, is defnintely not one of them. I've included wikipedia sites here to show you how to use them. Go to the wikipeida site, scan through the information, then at the bottom, use the LINKS that are cited as references. In other words, use the bibliography--then you can determine whether THOSE are valid websites! You many NOT use wikipedia on your bibliographies.

Your topics and partners are below:

1. Zach and Shantise: Cyrano de Bergerac takes place in Paris, France in 1640. Research life in the 17th century. This and other websites provide information:

2. Chris G. and Marcus: What was the Thirty Years War? Who were Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu? These and other websites provide information:

3. Deanna and Chantal:Who was the historical Cyrano de Bergerac? What elements of his life inspired the play? This and other websites provide information:

4. Eddie and Thomas: Who were the Three Musketeers? Who was D’Artagnan? What is a Gascon? ALSO, In the 17th century, war was a defining characteristic of society and people lived with theconstant threat of death. What were the ways war affected the lives of men and women?How did it shape both their social roles and responsibilities, and their views on life and love?These and other websites provide information:



5. Jasmine and Keneischia: Why was theatre important to the Paris society of the 17th century? Who were the prominent playwrights? What were the favorite subjects of drama? How did being seen at the theatre
affect one’s social status?

6. Jamie and Alyssa: Who was Edmond Rostand? What was his contribution to French drama? These and otherwebsites provide information:

7. Kiley, Dominique, and Dawn: Compare and contrast the theatrical conventions and principles of Cyrano’s time (the 17th
century) with those of Rostand’s time (the 19th century.) Why do you think Rostand might
have been inspired to pay homage to the earlier theatre? This and other websites provide

9. R'Che and Sheridan: Research the précieuses. What influence did the précieuses have on the arts at the time of Cyrano (and Molière)? What conditions bound their behavior and freedom? ALSO: In 17th-century life, social roles were well defined. Look at examples of art and fashion fromthe 17th century. What can you learn about 17th century French society by examining the artand fashion from the period? What can you learn about the social roles of men? Women? Describe the artistic style of the time. This and other websites provide information:




10. Dominique I. and Christian: What is a duel? What is the “code duello?” Who benefited when men lived by that set of
rules? Why was dueling allowed to be part of 17th century French society?

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