Monday, February 2, 2009

Today we are doing preliminary research. Our goal is to choose 3 possible research topics for the senior paper. These choices are due at the end of the period. Some of us will be ready to start real research tomorrow, but others will be refining our specific topic for a few more days. Below are some suggestions for searching.

1. Go to the PSM Intranet Use the links to
  • Britanica Online,
  • Culture Grams (Helpful for research about any area in the world), and
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism.

2. Use the internet--certain search engines are useful for specific things--read up on it here:

3. Highbeam research: Here you will find published periodicals. Very useful.

4. First Search: Very useful--remember, always choose advanced search.

Extra Credit opportunity--read a novel that involves your topic. Use it to connect to the social ramifications of the topic.

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