Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drafting in 407

Welcome to drafting! This means the hardest part of your senior paper is behind you. You've already
  • Reasearched
  • Formed an opinion
  • Organized your information
  • Started writing

All of this means that with some diligence, you will soon be finished drafting your essay.

Today, you should continue writing where you left off. Remember, you should have 3 pages when you arrive in class. At the end of the period, please print what you have (even if you stop mid-sentence) and turn it into the substitute. Understand that I am assuming, from experience, that in a 45 minute period, you can write about one more page.

I will briefly go over these tonight and return to you tomorrow.

I am avaliable after school today. At 4:30, I will be at the front desk. Until then, you can find me in 306.

Please note that any misbehavior will be recorded by the substitute and will result in points lost off this assignment (3 page check-in, worth 25 homework points).

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