Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Question #11

Consider Mattie and Jeremy's conversation. Do you agree with Mattie or Jeremy's philosophy on relationships, self, and life in general? Why?


Olivia Whitehead said...

I agree with Jeremy's philosophy on relationship and life because you have to live life and take chances.Jeremy is taking a chance with trying to be Mattie's man. Mattie on ther other hand, I can understand where she's coming from about Jack because she left and move there with him and he left. So I understand why she's waiting on him but,she shouldn't wait on him forever because Jeremy might be the one and she would never know if she keeps waiting for Jack. They both want the same things in a mate so I think they would work out.

Mariah Young said...

I agree with Jeremy's statment that " Life is like you got to take a chance"(2473)to an extent. For example begin by examining Mattie's relationship with Jack Carper, and what would happen if she lived by Jeremy's philosphy. I believe that a conflict of interest could arise for her.If Jack comes back then either him or jeremy would be hurt and that's where jeremy's philosphy has a weak spot. If an individual constantly lives off chance and without deep thought as to what can possible happen if something does or doen't happen, then at some point Jeremy's philosophy shatters and possible ends in chaotic/messy situation.