Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Citation Quiz Answers

1. What is internal citation:
Parenthetical citation, or internal citation, should be used when a quote, paraphrase or summary is used in your paper. Then you must cite that source (from your works cited page) inside your paper using parenthesis.

2. What is external citation?
It's the works cited or bibliography.

3. How do internal and external citation work together?
When the reader wishes to know more about a source he encounters in the paper, he can turn to the bibliography or works cited and find more information about that source.

4. Why is it important to use both internal and external citation?
It is important to use this system of citation because a writer must give credit for any ideas she used when writing the essay. If a writer quotes, paraphrases or summarizes another person's words or ideas, a citation is necessary. It also prevents plagiarism.

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