Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JTC&G Quiz

1. Who lived in the boarding house first, Bynum or Martha?
Martha, she moved there looking for Bynum, who could help her bind her daughter to her.

2. What is syncretisim and how is the Juba an example?
Syncretism is the blending of two disparate rituals. The Juba is an African style dance performed by the characters when they've caught the Holy Ghost. This blends two ideas from
Christianity and African culture.

3. Why won't Seth tell Loomis where Martha is?
Seth doesn't trust Loomis. He feels it would be a breach of Martha's trust to tell Loomis that he knows her and where she is.

4. Bertha says, "He ain't never found nobody he ain't took away." What is she referring to and why?
Bertha says this about Selig, the People Finder. She says that his finding skills are a scam. Another business he has is to act like a taxi for those wanting to move to new areas. So while he's selling his housewares, he's also taxiing people to new places, and then finding these people for those left behind.

5. What does Martha tell Loomis about leaving their home? What advice does she give him?
Martha explains to Loomis that she thought he might be gone forever; that she didn't know if Joe Turner would ever let him go, or if he'd be killed. She moved in with her mother and waited a few months, but then had to kill Loomis in her heart and move on, otherwise she'd have spent her whole life waiting. She says that Loomis should do the same.

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