Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Question #15

Loomis proclaims "I seen these bones rise up out of the water...begin to walk on top of the water...A whole heap of them. They come up out the water and started marching" (2485-6).

Make a connection to this bible verse

Also, connect the whole idea to Wilson's theme of finding self, and identity.


Raycha Maxwell said...

This Bible verse connects to the story because Loomis tells Bynum about the bones that he see's walking on the water. When he talks about these things, he is referring to this Bible verse. This refers to the Bible verse because the Bible verse talks about how the dead rise and flesh appears on them and they eventually breathe. This relates to identity and finding thyselves because Loomis was a dead man. He didn't know who he was anymore. However, at the end when he finally seen Martha, it was like he had risen and could walk and breathe. He was alive again. He had found himself.

Aaron Booth said...

I agree with Raycha Maxwell's comment. My elaboration to this would simply be that Loomis had to have faith to see this happen. The only thing that I disagree with on Raycha's comment is this phrase, "they eventually breathe." I say this because in the bible verse, God says, "I will put breathe in you and you will come to life." I actually believe that Loomis knew he was a dead man but once he receive the revelation of these bones it was essentially God breathing in him metaphorically.

Ashley Moore said...

The two passages are similar because they both deal with resurrection. Loomis explains to Bynum, that he saw bones marching across the sea and going into the light. The bones where not bones anymore they were people. The same events happened in the bible passage. This is what Loomis was comparing it to. It all ties in with the theme of the book with identity and finding themselves. Loomis was lost without his wife and traumatized when he was kidnapped. It was like he was dead to the world and nothing could make him feel better. That is until he was reunited with his wife. It was like a breath of fresh air and a start to a new beginning, like the bones.