Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Question #18

What is Bynum's daddy's healing song? Why does he tell this story?


Thomas Morris said...

Bynum's daddy song used to heal peole, and Bynum made a song that bind people. Bynum's dad would sing a song over a person and something in the song would cure the girl. He told that story, because he wanted to compare it with his own binding power.

Pier J. Rogers said...

Bynum's daddy's healing song gives him the ability to read people. No one else has his song or his special ability except for him. He can look at people and see the kind of person they are. Everyone has a song written on them and Bynum's daddy can read them. Bynum tells this story to Loomis because he wants Loomis to remember his own song.

mariah young said...

I am not quite sure whatis Bynum's daddy's healing song. But the whole reason why Bynum told this story is to emhasis that everyone has a song. All you have to do is find it.