Friday, November 19, 2010

Sula notes, Part One (b): Teacher questions, student answers...

Compare and contrast Nel and Sula's behavior at the funeral. (Venn Diagram is fine).

What does the chart show us about each girl and their upbringing?

What does Morrison tell the reader about funerals and the effect of them on the attendees?

Sula and Nel are often seen holding hands or not holding hands--Morrison specifies. What does that image mean?

What are the 4 (or 5) strange things that happen?

How did Eva's sacrifice in 1895 allow Hannah to ask her mother "did you ever love us?"

Why does Morrison put the ice truck scene right after Hanna's question about Plum's murder?
juxtapostion: putting two opposite things together to force the reader to make a conclusion/comparison

Why does Morrison tell us about the canning process and townspeople's canning tendencies?

What is "the perfect judgement" against Eva?

On the first page of "1927" Helene says "The culmination of all she had been." What is she referring to? What does she mean?

What is symbolic about the name JUDE?

What is going on with New River Road? Why does Jude want to work there?
Jude wants to work on this new project because he wants to feel important and get his hands dirty. He wants to be legend and seem as manly as possible. This will show that he is more free because he's making, creating and building it himself, rather than just serving people. This gives him freedom and independence. They wanted the older man to do the job because they didn't want the young black man to show them out and they are also afraid of the strong young black men! Lack of information makes us afraid!

Why does the relationship between Jude and Nel work? What do they give each other?
Nel needs someone to tell her what to do and Jude needs Nels so that he can feel like a real man. Nel completes Jude.

What is the relationship between Sula and Nel like at this time?
Nel and Sula's relationship is falling apart after Nel gets married because its like their not one anyone, now thier separate human beings. Sula gains independence. Nel becomes half of a marriage and Sula goes out and finds herself.

Was Nel a leader with Sula? Where?
When they was playing in the dirt and the grass.

How has Nel changed? Why?