Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hi seniors!

I miss all of you and can't wait to see you next week. I hope you're keeping up with your senior I want you to spend time doing the following things in the lab:

First--check your email. Check whether or not I asked you to revise your thesis. If I did, please work on that first. There are some student who *gasp* have not emailed me a thesis. Some of these student have even told me that they LOVE my class. How could you miss such an important assignment? If this is you, please send me your thesis immediately. The grade is going in today and breaking grade news letters go out Friday.

Second--work on your Annotated Works Cited page. I have given you an example and you can find helpful information at A reminder that this is due March 5th, a week from Friday.

Finally, I am very sorry I haven't been able to meet you at the Harold Washington Library. However, I'm here to tell you that it isn't a scary place. Furthermore, most of you have been there before (remember the History Fair?). I might be able to go with you next week, but I can't commit to that right now. If you haven't gone yet, here are some ideas--
  • Go to It's a great site. You can search the card catalog there. That way, you know what books you want before you go to the library. If you have a library card, you can even put the books on hold (they'll be there when you arrive).
  • Go immediately to the 3rd floor. That is where the circulation desk is located. Once you're there, you can determine what floor the sources you need are on--there are maps, just like the mall, to tell you what is on each floor. Also, the card catalog will tell you what floor the book you want is on.
  • Ask for help: The librarians there very helpful. If you are polite, they'll most likely be of service. Ask for help in groups of 1-3. Try not to show up with ten students all needing help.
  • There is a new area of the library, solely for high school students. It's called YOUMedia. Once you have your materials, you can go in there, listen to music, eat, use computers, sit on couches, hang out while you read, etc. It's a new initiative to get teens to the library. Check it out.
Email me with questions!