Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JTC&G Quiz

1. Who lived in the boarding house first, Bynum or Martha?
Martha, she moved there looking for Bynum, who could help her bind her daughter to her.

2. What is syncretisim and how is the Juba an example?
Syncretism is the blending of two disparate rituals. The Juba is an African style dance performed by the characters when they've caught the Holy Ghost. This blends two ideas from
Christianity and African culture.

3. Why won't Seth tell Loomis where Martha is?
Seth doesn't trust Loomis. He feels it would be a breach of Martha's trust to tell Loomis that he knows her and where she is.

4. Bertha says, "He ain't never found nobody he ain't took away." What is she referring to and why?
Bertha says this about Selig, the People Finder. She says that his finding skills are a scam. Another business he has is to act like a taxi for those wanting to move to new areas. So while he's selling his housewares, he's also taxiing people to new places, and then finding these people for those left behind.

5. What does Martha tell Loomis about leaving their home? What advice does she give him?
Martha explains to Loomis that she thought he might be gone forever; that she didn't know if Joe Turner would ever let him go, or if he'd be killed. She moved in with her mother and waited a few months, but then had to kill Loomis in her heart and move on, otherwise she'd have spent her whole life waiting. She says that Loomis should do the same.

Vocabulary Quiz Answer Key

Level G
  1. N
  2. A
  3. O
  4. G
  5. F
  6. T
  7. P
  8. I
  9. H
  10. M
  11. C
  12. Q
  13. S
  14. D
  15. B

Level H

  1. E
  2. S
  3. L
  4. M
  5. N
  6. C
  7. Q
  8. G
  9. O
  10. H
  11. T
  12. R
  13. P
  14. I
  15. D

Look at the back of your quiz. I left you a gift.

Citation Quiz Answers

1. What is internal citation:
Parenthetical citation, or internal citation, should be used when a quote, paraphrase or summary is used in your paper. Then you must cite that source (from your works cited page) inside your paper using parenthesis.

2. What is external citation?
It's the works cited or bibliography.

3. How do internal and external citation work together?
When the reader wishes to know more about a source he encounters in the paper, he can turn to the bibliography or works cited and find more information about that source.

4. Why is it important to use both internal and external citation?
It is important to use this system of citation because a writer must give credit for any ideas she used when writing the essay. If a writer quotes, paraphrases or summarizes another person's words or ideas, a citation is necessary. It also prevents plagiarism.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Exam Review


Research and Writing
Parenthetical Citation
External Citation
How they work together
Paraphrasing properly
Integration quotes properly
Ilogical arguments

Joe Turner Come and Gone
Purpose in writing the ten cycle plays, message in JTC&G

Vocabulary Unit 12

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Blog Assignment

For the last blog assignment,
  • Answer 2 questions.
  • Comment on another student's answer to a question.

Due Friday by 8:00 AM.

Question #21

Loomis says "I just wanna see her face so I can get me a starting place in the world" (2496). What does he mean? How is this tied into Wilson's theme of identity?

Question #20

List and explain examples of binding in the play. What is this theme about?

Question #19

Consider Bertha's advice to Mattie--is it still good advice today? Why?

Question #18

What is Bynum's daddy's healing song? Why does he tell this story?

Question #17

Bynum is covertly helping many of the people in the boarding house. Who is he helping and how?

Question #16

Compare and contrast Molly vs. Mattie. Which philosophy do you admire more? Why?

Question #15

Loomis proclaims "I seen these bones rise up out of the water...begin to walk on top of the water...A whole heap of them. They come up out the water and started marching" (2485-6).

Make a connection to this bible verse

Also, connect the whole idea to Wilson's theme of finding self, and identity.

Question #14

"Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparete or contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. The term may refer to attempts to merge seveeral originally discrete tradtions."

Find examples of syncretism in JTC&G. Explain how they fit this definition.

Monday, May 3, 2010

JTC&G Reading

Read trough page 2492 for Tuesday!