Friday, December 10, 2010

Sula notes, Part 2 (Q2, Wks 6-9)

What is going on with New River Road? Why does Jude want to work there?
Jude wants to work on this new project because he wants to feel important and get his hands dirty. He wants to be legend and seem as manly as possible. This will show that he is more free because he's making, creating and building it himself, rather than just serving people. This gives him freedom and independence. They wanted the older man to do the job because they didn't want the young black man to show them out and they are also afraid of the strong young black men! Lack of information makes us afraid!

Why does the relationship between Jude and Nel work? What do they give each other?
Nel needs someone to tell her what to do and Jude needs Nels so that he can feel like a real man. Nel completes Jude.

What is the relationship between Sula and Nel like at this time?
Nel and Sula's relationship is falling apart after Nel gets married because its like their not one anyone, now thier separate human beings. Sula gains independence. Nel becomes half of a marriage and Sula goes out and finds herself.

Was Nel a leader with Sula? Where?
She was when they was playing in the dirt and the grass.

Why don't the deweys grow or change? Why do they always cause a ruckus? Why do they play "chain gang" ?
The deweys play "chain gang" because they are one. They are connected. The history of the "chain gang" goes back to the time of slavery. The deweys can not do something without the other. The deweys now look the same.

How has Sula changed since she left the Bottom?
Sula comes back with a college education and feels that she is too good. Eva is afraid of Sula's return, and for the first time, Eva is overpowered in her own home. Sula has become disrespectful towards Eva. This parallels to Eva leaving and returning to the Bottom. Morrison implies that a person can leave their home and come back, but they may not belong there anymore. Sula becomes an outcast in her own community.

What happens when Sula tries to help the boy who's mother neglects and mistreats him?
He was on the porch and fell off and after Sula tries to help him up, she was accused of pushing him by his mother. After his mother takes him to the hospital, she begins to take care of him. The false accusation of Sula makes the once neglectent mother take care of her son.

What happens to the Bottom when Sula returns?
Sula's returns brings the people of the Bottom together because they share the same animosity against her. Wives become nicer to their husband so they won't go to Sula for some good loving. In this community, she's the "other" and is the focus of hatred. Sula reminds Nel of who she really is. People are becoming more independent because Sula put Eva in a home.

How does Sula know about Eva burning Plum? What does she accuse Eva of doing? Do you think Sula is justified?
Sula knows about Eva burning Plum because when she was coming down the stairs the kids wondered why she was out of bed, considering the fact that it was not usual.She accuses Eva of Killing Plum, and she she is justified because she is no longer a child and doesn't have to be disrespected like one. You have to earn respect to recieve it and Eva hasn't earned that respect. Also she is only acting the way Eva has raised her to act with contributions from her mother, Hannah, as well.

What is the significance of Sula disregarding Eva's warnings on Pg 93?
The significance of Sula disreguarding Eva's warnings on pg 93 is because it shows that she doesn't want salvation. It's her life and she owns it people!

Is Sula evil?
No: People don't understand who she is. Because of the bad things she did, brought good, she's not evil. She represents reality and truth because she stands for common circumstances in everyday life. She doesn't make men sleep with her, men play an equal role in the affair. Morrison asks the question "who/what is good, who/what is evil". SOCIETY IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT! Sula is free from the constraints of society. Lack of understanding makes us judge people. Sula learned not to care about what other people say. There's a thin line between good and evil.
*Who judges what good and evil is?

What is the significance of Sula's relationship with Ajax? What is the literary allusion in his name? How does it become more important when she finds his driver's license?Ajax was a strong warrior who fought in the Trojan War and was arrogant and stupid and killed himself. A. Jacks "Ajax" is just a man who couldn't commit. Ajax name is ironic because he doesn't live up to it. He made Sula emotional and she had alot of passion for him. She fell in love for him and "started playing house". She connects with him on another level. Morrison is saying that love and concern makes you vulnerable and can open you up to pain. The women in the Bottom are looking for men to save them, but in reality, men are not divine. White men condemn black men and make them weak.

Jude and Sula's affair
Sula challenged Jude, Nel comforted him.
It didn't mean anything to Sula.
Nel and Sula accuse each other of changing.
Nel allowed herself to be condemned just as her mother did on the train.
They shared everything else.
*Nel and Sula are one half that makes them whole.
Morrison points out that Sula gets the freedom of men, but she gets punished for it and men aren't. Men had a certain freedom and expectation that wasn't fair to the women. Love breaks Sula and Nel. Women carry a heavy burden that men are not responsible for caring.